Hollywood Fashion Week
Fashion Food & Film




Mission Statement

Creating Opportunity for small and startup brands to showcase, increase brand awareness and generate sales.


Bolstering professional [industry based]

Travel & Tourism  


Small Business Econ Stimulus by increasing quality foot traffic for local shops, restaurants & theaters.



How do we set ourselves apart ?

·       3 industries:  film, and food combined with fashion creates a unique experience with triple potential to drive foot traffic

·       Emphasis is placed on sales opportunities while adding entertainment value

·       Multiple day event during North East Fall season 3 day weekend is targeted to boost travel and tourism  

·       Industry based content educates local population on best practices while establishing Hollywood as key influencer.


October 2017 Launch




Fashion Incubator

A Coop Maker Space

Master ~Apprentice~Mentor~Community

Coop members offset cost of classes and production fees with donated time.

Master Courses in old world design room technique

Fashion Entrepreneurial Lab

On location Production Studio

Learn and Grow one stitch at time.


Inquiries : info@hollywoodfashionandfilm.com