Fashion Apprentice

~ Fashion mentoring that cultivates leadership and college readiness by partnering young adults with local small businesses in fashion.  Unlike an internship, the experiential education is closely curated and designed to support a local small business while fast tracking the mentees with behind the scenes business exposure and dedicated lecture / instruction. “The goal is to enter college, ALREADY being a captain of industry. When you are done, you take with you experience, contacts fully developed portfolio, resume and leadership ability.

Nothing builds confidence and self-esteem like substance.  Armed with this perspective, young adults are able to navigate college decisions with a real world view that is necessary to thrive in a global economy.


Philosophy| Fashion STEAM


Examining the Art of Fashion and Technology .  How technology and behaviorism,  combine to shift the economy of pop culture. Leveraging the study of choice [science] to engineer innovative management solutions.


To Apply for Summer 2017 Internship email:



Please include the following:                    

Part 1

Your best example of innovation and leadership

Part 2

Your Best Academic success [ contests, prizes or class projects ]

Part 3

Your thoughts on your best leadership characteristics and what you hope to gain from an innovative leadership experience.


Each portion should be answered in 10 sentences or less.