Fashion Rocks : Upstyled Fashion
Sustainable Style

Fashion Rocks is a sustainable style initiative that focuses on conservation not consumerism.

 Fashion Rocks?

A rock is a gem in its purest form.  The notion of a rock embodies a return to simpler , slower times.

That said, we believe in slow fashion.

Supporting local, small craftsman, Artisan Produced, Limited Edition and Custom Made.

Why Custom Made: “because it eliminates waste and over consumption that clogs landfills and sales racks.


Centuries Restyled

The Ensemble Project

The Thread that Ties

Past to Present

Hope to Future

A fashion time capsule from the viewpoint of conservation, not consumption

Looking back on what we know now....

This first installation 

The Ensemble Project

Centuries Restyled ~ Decades Restyled                                               Fashion Rocks : Sustainable Style


A fashion time capsule

Bringing together master & apprentice

Embracing the old artisan traditions that make modern fashion.



The Thread that Ties

Past to present ~ Hope to Future



A series of live fashion works that combine master workshops, live intake and recycle projects building fashion with the hands of the community.

The time capsule takes a look back at the history of fashion, what the world was like then… and what we know now.

The first installation focuses on Elizabethan Fashion Trends such as “skin whitening” and “corsetry.”

In the hopes of shedding light on environmental issues such as sunbathing, and the affects of a thinning ozone . Body image and women’s health issues brought upon by the  forced silhouette created by the corset are also explored.


Opening Project scheduled for :

Saturday August 9th 2014 8AM

@ 1940 N 30th Rd, Hollywood, FL 33021

The Yellow Green Artisanal Farmers Market

Sponsored by Slumming Duchess space # 235.

10 seats are available for Elizabethan Sewing Class,

To be followed by “community stitch in”  participants will partake in live project building an Elizabethan Gown. Participants may be filmed for “Behind the Seams” Documentary.

Open  Intern Areas:

Fashion Marketing, Technical Design and Social Media