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Meet Our Lead Technical Designer

 Sharon Ali MFA

Alumni of New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology class of 98'

AFter completing her  Masters in Fine Arts in Costume Design, she added the New York

Theater, Dance, Film and Special Events scene, to her 20 years of Fashion Manufacturing experience. Currently the

Fashion Director of Independant Fashion Label " Slumming Duchess",

Ms Ali, currently uses her 10 years of academic experience by  developing  lectures for the community via the Fashion Apprenctice  Program including Conceptual Design, Technical Design, Illustration, and Fashion Marketing.

Receiving her first faculty appreciation award in 2004.

In addition she is Associate Professor and Lead  Fashion Faculty at Johnson & Wales University School of Business in N Miami.

Fashion Apprentice is based on a designer’s coop model.Nascent talent is discovered and developed through workshops, lectures and hands on studio time.

Every experience is structured to build leadership and presentation skills that support healthy self-esteem and body images. Along the way Portfolios , Resumes and Professional Contacts are developed.