5 Step Launch
Personal Fashion Brand Assistant



5 Steps to Business Break thru



Building a business around your idea takes planning beyond a one hit wonder. In this stage we partner with you to not only develop your current concept, but teach you how to open the flood gates to keep the ideas coming.

You will be amazed to see how fast your idea can grow roots and become a Brand.

Next Step: choose to take a break, or continue on to product development in phase 2.

Full concept development and brand portfolio



Now that you have a clear idea of the personality of your brand, we can move on into actual product that you and your prospective customers can feel, test, try on and give feedback. This is a crucial stage of nurturing and incubation that most people miss.

In this stage you will understand the process of sample making, fit testing and the anatomy of fashion that influences fit. [ultimately sales ]by the end of this stage not only will you have Samples, your confidence and business will soar because you understand the process.

Next Step: choose to take a break, or continue on to getting the buzz out there in phase 3 where you are finally ready to tackle a website , photoshoots and social media. Includes sample and pre-production patterns and tech pack.

Capsule collection

5 to 7 Pieces



Now that you have done your homework, educated yourself about the decisions you make and tested your product … it’s time to boldly move forward and let the world know what is coming.  Getting the “right” word out there is a delicate and Strategic process. Here is where you have the opportunity to really cultivate your brand.

Many people make the mistake of jumping right to this point without taking the time to really incubate and nurture. We believe so strongly in the full process that we will not allow any of our clients to skip the first 2 steps. [even if you pre pay, don’t ask… we simply won’t do it. That is how strongly we believe in due diligence and educating yourself before you move on to the next step.

Next Step: ok you made it this far, even if you are an existing brand, we recommend that you do not take a break here. Capitalize on the momentum and BREAK THRU to the next level in Step 4 where you will finally be able to realize all of your planning into a website and social media.


Digital press kit



Marketing& Social Media

Here is your BREAK THRU moment…. We will walk you through the entire strategic process of social media.

Demystifyit once and for all.

The haze will clear and you will be standing on the other side with a level of confidence, clarity and above all mastery to spear head your company into the last step… getting sales. “hello from the other side


 Social Media




Congrats, you made it to the other side. Slowly, gradually you morphed yourself and your idea into a business.

It’s time to roll up your sleeves up and get accounts!

In this stage you learn how to cost out, do expense / sales projections and decide what segment of the market you want to start with. Do you want to do Wholesale or Retail? Trade show or direct sales? Showroom or independent rep? Mass produce or Made to Order?



Line Sheets

wholesale and retail

E Store